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Boys ands girls tooks bears outs fors Fishs dinners. Girls gaves bears some salmons. Whats bears coulds nots finishs boys ates. Was nices dinners. Laters wes alls plays games.
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Girls hads to gos to Dentists todays. Bears does nots needs Dentists. Bears eats fishes and uses bones to brushes teeths. Bears sats with Boys while Girls gots her teeths cleaned.

Boys Lets Bears Reads Trains Magazines )

Bears asks Girls and Boys whens wes wills rides trains agains. They saids this summers, but onlys a little bits of trains. But they saids wes wills rides on a bigs ships, too. Bears has nevers beens on a long boats rides.
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Kevins is extras nices ands makes sure bears cans listens to the ballgames whens hes does
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Bears wents withs Girls and Boys to Towns todays. Kumas was givens special glass to helps withs grocereies shoppings.

Bears Takes a Goods Looks )

Whens we gots homes, Girls was very tireds, sos Bears tolds Boys whats to says and thens puts Girls to beds.
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Boys has told Bears that we's moved to DreamWidths insteads of LiveJournals, but that stuffs that Kumas writes will still be posts to LJs.
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Boys and Girls are taking Bears to a place called Hamburgs when we goes to Worldcons this summers. Bears heards that they has a bigs Fish Markets! Bears asks if we can goes to the Fish Markets, but Boys saids it was only opens on Sundays and we were only going to be there on Saturdays before we takes a trains to go rides a boats to Finlands. Too bads! But Bears stills is lookings forwards to travels.
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Boys and Girls took Bears to brunches todays. Girls brought Bears a big bunch of fishes!

Bear's Breakfast

Bears was very happys with brunches.

But later, Bears didn't feels so goods. Maybe Bears ates too much fishes. Girls said Bears neededs to hibernates for a whiles.
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Boys and Girls have puts Bears in charges of taking cares of their rings.

Ring Bear-er

This is very importants jobs for Bears, and Bears takes its very seriouslys. Bear says "Grrrs!" to anyones who comes nears rings.
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Bears wants to wishes everyones a Happy News Years and hopes yous alls have the bests fishes yous cans.
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Bears opens Christmas presents todays. Kumas gaves Girls a nice present.

A Present from a Bear

Not everys bears woulds gives someones a fishes. Kumas is a Goods Bears.

Girls seemeds to be happys withs her presents. She laugheds a lots, which Bears thinks was a goods things.

Now Bears is waitings for Christmas dinners. Bears can smells the cookings. It smells likes honeys!
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Bears gots a news blankets todays.

Kuma's Blankets Old and New

For the longests times, Girls has kepts Bears wrapped ups in a blankets to protects Bears. Buts the blankets gots too worns outs, so Girls gaves Kumas a news ones mades from the sames stuffs as the olds ones.

The news blankets is alls scratchys. Girls says it wills gets betters soons.
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Bears enjoys Thanksgivings dinners with familys. Girls and Boys shares theirs meals with Bears. They nots haves fishes.

Kuma's Thanksgiving

Boys tells Bears there is honeys in ducks. Bears asks, "Whys puts the honeys ons the ducks whens yous cans puts the honeys in the Bears?" Boys saids this was to makes the ducks tastes betters.

Bears dids not gets muchs, buts its was mores thats enoughs to fills Kumas. Bears says Bests Fishes to everyones!
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Bears likes Halloweens and also likes jacks-o-lanterns. Boys and Girls boughts Bears a little pumpkins just Bear's size. But lasts nights, Girls trieds to cuts its and its was sos toughs she couldn't carves its fors us. Sos she hads to draws ons its insteads.

Kuma Likes Pumpkins

Bears thinks this pumpkins has a funnys faces.
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Kumas heards that bears are supposed to goes to tops of mountains. Sos Bears did sos!

PikesPeakCogRR (54)

Boys and Girls tooks Bears up Pike's Peaks on funny trains. Bears hads to rides in Girl's laps, as theres was nos seats for Bears. This musts haves beens a mistakes.


Bears hads importants jobs to holds tickets. The Conductors saids she likes how Bears holds tickets.


Peoples kepts sayings, "Pike's Peaks or Busts." Bears did not busts. But bags of chips that Boys bougths at bottoms of mountains looks likes it's abouts to!


Whens wes gots backs downts the mountains, Bears sats in this gears. Boys says this is gears that makes trains gos ups the mountains. Bears thinks this gears woulds be nices for steampunks conventions, but Boys says Bears hads to leaves it wheres it is.

Girls then droves us to Bears Restaurants and feds Kumas fishes. Bears went to sleeps and doesn'ts remembers muchs afters thats.

Train Bear

Aug. 24th, 2016 10:49 pm
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Boys and Girls took Bears on trains rides todays.

Train Bear

Bears gots to rideds in fancys dinings domes cars. Boys and Girls ordered lunches. Bears ordered fishes. Theys didnt's brings Bears any fishes. Boo!

Theres was bigs noisys rivers. Rivers was very dirties. Bears saws no fishes ins it. But Bears always likes trains rides anyways.
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Bears wents to lots of places todays. Boys will writes abouts bigs holes in the grounds laters. Bears gots to plays a games in Dodges Citys withs a nices Doctors nameds Hollidays.

Kuma Meets Doc Holliday

Bears saids, "Bears has fives fishes. Whats yous gots?"

After that's, Bears doesn't remembers a lots. Its was hots and Bears gots sleepys.

Girls tolds Bears wes is ridings Trains tomorrows. Bears likes trains.
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Bears wents to last Bizzinesses Meetings todays. Bears wores his steemspunks costumes. Bears is smarts. Peoples can'ts tells if Bears is sleepings or nots if Bears wears goggles.

Bears learneds news words todays: "Bears Objects!" Bears doesn'ts knows whats it means, but it musts bes importants, because lots of Peoples weres sayings its all the times wes weres heres.

Bears dids nots votes. Boys tolds Bears that Bears isn'ts alloweds to votes. Bears objects!
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Bears dids nots sleeps goods. Girls' ears is makings lots of noises agains.
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Bears did importants stuffs at the Bizinesses Meetings this mornings.

Utility Bear

Bears was all readys to helps with the videos and stuffs. Girls had Bears dos Importants Jobs. Bears sats at the fronts tables and pretendeds to be Chairmans so Girls could makes cameras works goods. Bears is very goods at sittings stills.

Hat Bear

Aug. 17th, 2016 11:32 pm
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We gots to goes arounds Worldcons todays in costumes. Bears gots his pictures takens lots of times. Bears likes to haves his pictures takens.

Laters Kumsas wents to dinners with Girls and Boys and their friends. They gave Bears importants jobs.

Protecting Hats )

Boys gaves Bears some Catfishes for dinners. It tasteds funnys and mades Bears mouth burns a litles, but it was okays.


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