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2017-07-11 01:01 am
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bears is homes ands is hides ins cools caves, wells bears thinks ofs smalls trailers as sorts ofs caves.
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2017-07-08 08:47 pm

Don't Eats the Green Fishes

Girls and Boys mades Bears gets in the hots, hots, vans todays. Kumas does nots likes this. At one places, we gots outs of the vans and Girls saids for Bears to stands ins ones places. Then Boys takes a pictures.

Bearly Alien

Whats a funnys pictures! This musts bes whats happens whens Bears eats the greens fishes thats beens sittings ins the suns too longs.

Girls saids wes is goings homes tomorrows. Bears will be happys to go backs to his cools caves. Tempes was toos hots!
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2017-07-04 08:51 pm

Bears Heads for Homes

Todays Kumas lefts Tempes to heads homes.

Kuma Koffee

At breakfasts, Boys and Girls offered Kumas "koffees." Koffees smells funnies. Kumas seemed very bouncies afters having somes koffees.

Arizona High Desert

It was verys hots ridings in the cars todays. Bears looks outs windows and sees no trees excepts these scratchys bushes, no fishes, ands no other bears. It dids nots looks likes funs.

Its nots so hots wheres we stops tonights. Girls says Bears needs to sleeps ins tomorrows because of drinkings koffees for breakfasts. Bears likes sleepings.
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2017-07-04 12:46 am

Westercon Bears, Continueds

Peoples askeds Bears tos tells thems abouts the Arts Shows at Westercons and says whats Bears thoghts of the pictures.

Enter, Led by a Bear

Bears saws many prettys pictures. Somes of thems hads fishses ins them. Others had reallys impressives bears ins thems. Manys pictures justs confuseds Kumsa, but Bears was happys for alls the attentions.

Bear Meets Camel

Kumas wents to parties and gots to meets lots of new peoples and also cameles.

Laters, Bears was tolds he was goings to bes a Guests of Honors at a conventions. Bears does nots knows whats this means, buts it's always goods to honors Bears.
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2017-07-01 09:06 pm

Westercon Bears

Kumsas is ats Westercons. Boys forgots to gets Bear's badges last nights, but Bears reminds hims this mornings.

Westercon Bear

Bears is wearings his steamspunks goggles todays.

Voting Bear

Laters, Bears casts his ballots for wheres to holds Westercons laters. They tolds Bears he could only votes for "No Preferences" because he's not a humans. Bears onlys preferences is tos goes to Westercons. Girls says it's okays, and he coulds still goes to Westercons.
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2017-06-29 10:34 pm
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That's Looks Familars

Bears was in Las Vegases todays. It's too hots for Bears. But when Boys and Girls weres doings their shoppings, Bears saws a pictures Bears knowses.

That Looks Familiar

This was the pictures from Bears's Westercons bids for Tonopahs. Bears thinks its a nice pictures. And Bears stills doesn't knows whys we aren't holdings Westercons in Tonopahs. It's much nicers theres than heres.
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2017-06-28 10:25 pm

Kumas Returns to Tonopahs

Bears is in Tonopahs tonights. Bears likes its heres and wonders whys we didn'ts haves Westercons heres likes Bears wanteds.


After dinners, Girls and Boys playeds slots machines, while Bears trieds outs this carts. Boys tolds Bears that Bears can't haves the carts. Too bads!

Tonopahs is nices. Not so hots as homes. Betters for Bears. Boys tolds Bears thats its much hotters wheres we're goings tomorrows. Bears is worrieds.
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2017-06-23 12:16 am
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Bears hads baths todays. *Pouts* Bears nots likes baths evens ifs baths is goods fors bears. Musts bes ats bears bests as is times tos seeess everys ones ats conventions.

Bath Time Bear
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2017-06-17 11:33 pm

Conrunner Kumas

Bears has beens at meetings todays. Much talks, nones of its abouts fishes.

Conrunner Kuma

Bears wears ribbons to shows his supports for Worldcons 76s.

Girls says we goes homes tomorrows.
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2017-06-08 12:02 am
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Bears likes tos goes fors rides withs boys ands girls, buts is nots soooos funs whens vans is sooooos hots. girls wraps bears ups tos keeps bears safes buts is hots fors bears. Ons trips tos towns, justs as soons as vans nots so hots wes alls stops tos goes shoppings ors goees tos eats. Outs ofs thes Vans Ins tos thes vans.
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2017-05-14 08:30 am
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Bears waves byes tos kevins . Kevins goes aways fors awhiles tos dos works. Bestestes Fishes to boys
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2017-05-05 09:10 pm
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Fish Dinners

Boys ands girls tooks bears outs fors Fishs dinners. Girls gaves bears some salmons. Whats bears coulds nots finishs boys ates. Was nices dinners. Laters wes alls plays games.
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2017-05-04 05:16 pm

Bears at the Dentists

Girls hads to gos to Dentists todays. Bears does nots needs Dentists. Bears eats fishes and uses bones to brushes teeths. Bears sats with Boys while Girls gots her teeths cleaned.

Boys Lets Bears Reads Trains Magazines )

Bears asks Girls and Boys whens wes wills rides trains agains. They saids this summers, but onlys a little bits of trains. But they saids wes wills rides on a bigs ships, too. Bears has nevers beens on a long boats rides.
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2017-04-23 01:02 pm

Bear listen to the ballgame

Kevins is extras nices ands makes sure bears cans listens to the ballgames whens hes does
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2017-04-22 08:44 pm

Inspector Bear

Bears wents withs Girls and Boys to Towns todays. Kumas was givens special glass to helps withs grocereies shoppings.

Bears Takes a Goods Looks )

Whens we gots homes, Girls was very tireds, sos Bears tolds Boys whats to says and thens puts Girls to beds.
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2017-04-17 05:35 pm

Bears Is Heres

Boys has told Bears that we's moved to DreamWidths insteads of LiveJournals, but that stuffs that Kumas writes will still be posts to LJs.
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2017-03-03 08:42 pm

Bears and Hamburgs

Boys and Girls are taking Bears to a place called Hamburgs when we goes to Worldcons this summers. Bears heards that they has a bigs Fish Markets! Bears asks if we can goes to the Fish Markets, but Boys saids it was only opens on Sundays and we were only going to be there on Saturdays before we takes a trains to go rides a boats to Finlands. Too bads! But Bears stills is lookings forwards to travels.
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2017-02-11 07:34 pm
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Brunch Bear

Boys and Girls took Bears to brunches todays. Girls brought Bears a big bunch of fishes!

Bear's Breakfast

Bears was very happys with brunches.

But later, Bears didn't feels so goods. Maybe Bears ates too much fishes. Girls said Bears neededs to hibernates for a whiles.
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2017-01-07 09:02 pm

Ring Bear-er

Boys and Girls have puts Bears in charges of taking cares of their rings.

Ring Bear-er

This is very importants jobs for Bears, and Bears takes its very seriouslys. Bear says "Grrrs!" to anyones who comes nears rings.
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2016-12-31 11:13 pm

Fishy New Year

Bears wants to wishes everyones a Happy News Years and hopes yous alls have the bests fishes yous cans.