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Kumas Bears wants tos thanks everyones whos cames ands wisheds hims as Happys Birthdays ats Westercons. Watchs outs fors Bears! Bears cans nows makes outs Kenos Cards ons his owns!

Bears especiallys thanks thes Others Kevins and his husbands Andys fors buyings Bears suchs nices news drinks. Bears mostlys wills probablys stills drinks roots beers, althoughs thes honeys drinks weres verys nices.
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Kuma Bear and Kevins took Lisas out for a birthday dinner last night, even though it's not yet her birthday. (Kevins will be going tomorrow — sad bear — and will not be here Sunday for her birthday.) Thursday night was a festive night as Lisas wore her new dress that Kevins got hers for Christmas. Kuma Bear wore his Christmas Tie so he could dress up, too. We all went to Red Lobsters. Lisas held me up to the tanks sos I could sees the lobsters, and sure enough, they were mostly reds. There were also many pictures of fishes on the walls. Kuma Bears decides this is a Good Place for Bears. Bear had a question, though: why did they only have Atlantic Salmons when we're closer to the Pacifics here in Oregons?

Me and Kevins worked very hard to surprise Lisas. She didn't know that Bears had been talking with Kevins about getting birthday card for girls when girls wasn't lookings. Bears wanted to sign with his little bear paw stamp, but there was no way to ask girls for it without giving anything away. Bears doesn't writes so well, but Kevins helped. She was very surprised by her birthday card. Lisas cried when she opened it, but Bears doesn't think she was sads.

After dinners, we went shoppings at a place with lots of goodies called "World Market." Bears did not ask for any more Salmon Putty. (Kevin: "I told you, Bear, that's paté!" Bear still doesn't know what that means.)


Aug. 28th, 2010 02:11 am
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Kumas dids nots completlys forgets Kevins births days. Theres littles
bears cans dos buts hopes Kevins is happys ands haves wonderfuls
times ats worlds cons!

Thes Mosts Bestests Fishes tos yous
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Though it was a little late, Kuma Bears is most
happy with his new scarf.

Doctor Bear )

It may be a bit short, but Kuma Bears is
still most thankful.


Jan. 17th, 2010 12:17 am
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Saturday was my best girls birthday. There was little Kuma Bear
could do so bear just let girl do what ever she wanted. Best
girl slept in, listened to old radio and played Roller Coaster.
Kuma Bear didn't want to bother so she didn't read me a story.
She tells me thanks but will be back at it soon. The day was
wet and rainy out. Though on Friday she did drive up to Portland
to see our friend Scott and have a nice dinner. Lisas shared some
of her french fries with Kuma Bear. It was a nice evening.

Best Fishes to Kuma Bears Mostest Bestest Friend!


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