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Today Kuma Bear helped lisas unthaw froze pipes.
We had to sit outside with a really big heater and
warm the trailer's under-side. All went well but it sure
was cold. Later Kuma Bear found out that Kevin will not
be home this weekend. Sad Bear, sad lisas. Now Kuma Bear
will have to wait till just before Christmas to buy present
for lisas. Hope Kevin has some ideas. Don't say here as lisas
often watches and would know. Kuma Bears wants to surprise her.
Hope everyone else is warm and well.
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Lisas took me home to watch movies. After many tries Lisa
found that the trailer's furnace was not working. She made
do with a small portable heater, but it does not keep
the trailer as warm. Mater of fact we could see a bit of
ice around the door frame. Brrrrrrr.

Kuma Bear is OK as Lisa keeps me in my blanket. Good
thing Kevin will be home soon. Please don't worry too
much as Kuma Bear will look after his girl.

P.S. We did watch our movie.

Cold Out

Dec. 7th, 2009 07:18 pm
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Though it was sunny out it was very cold.
Lisas went to the post and brought home a big box.
She would not let me peek in side. Kuma Bear wonders
if there is a present for bear in the box? When Lisas goes
shopping I usually ride inside the pack and can not see what she
might be buying for me. Of course I would like to get her a present
but my allowance is so small. Besides it's hard to surprise her as
she is usually carrying me. Perhaps Kevin will help me.
Making ready for Christmas and the Holidays.


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