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Boys and Girls wents groceries shoppings a few nights agos. They asks whats Bears wants. Bears saids "Fishes! Honeys!"

Frustrated Bear

Boys said Bears couldn'ts haves honeys because Bears gets stickeys withs its, sos Girls gots cans of fishes. But Bears' paws are toos softs to opens cans! Unfairs to Bears!
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Girls and Boys tooks Bears to anothers Museums todays.

Kuma in Costume

Bears does not knows whys theys keeps tellings Bears to wears funnys hats. But Boys tolds Bears to be goods and Boys woulds feeds Bears all the fishes Bears could eats, so Kumas kepts quiets.

Tonights, ats a big places with lots of fishes, Girls gaves Bears lots of differents fishes to eats. Bears is happys.

Girls tolds Bears wes is goings homes tomorrows. Bears is readys to goes homes and sleeps for a whiles.
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Bears heards that theys was givings awasy frees fishes at the Worldscons and askes Boys to takes him to where the frees fishes was.

Oh Noes!

Bears was verys unhappies thats instead of frees fishes, they was havings fishes frees zones!

Boys saids that Boys woulds makes its ups to Bears at dinners and gave Bears somes of Boys' salmons. Its was goods, but nots as goods as ats Spokanes.
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Boys ands girls tooks bears outs fors Fishs dinners. Girls gaves bears some salmons. Whats bears coulds nots finishs boys ates. Was nices dinners. Laters wes alls plays games.
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Bears is in Hotels with Girls and Boys wheres wes has stayeds befores. (Boys says it is "Hiltons Gardens Inns.") Bears looked at foods they hads, and sees thats theys still has no fresh fishes — at least nones that wiggles. Girls showed mes menus that showed "Crispy Salmons" but Boys would not buys me anys.

Tomorrows wes are goings on trains. Bears likes trains.

Space Bear

Dec. 30th, 2012 06:30 pm
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Kuma Bears is overwhelmed by presents from [ profile] pcornelius. Looks at whats he sends Bears:

Bears in Space! )

Bears is still nots sures about invitations to goes to Moons. Bears does nots knows if theres is is fishes ons Moons. Perhaps Bears wills haves to goes ons trips to Moons to finds outs.
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Kuma Bear has seen no bears at this SorcerorCon, although he looked very carefully for them. Many peoples have told Kuma Bears how cute and wonderful he is. This shows the peoples have good taste.

At dinner, Kevins shared some of his salmon with Kuma Bear. This shows what good taste Kevins has. It also shows what good taste the salmons has.
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Most of Kuma Bear's travels are with Kevin and Lisas.
While they seem to have enjoyed themselves at the
camp in the woods, Kuma Bear was having a questionable
time of it.

A Bear in the Woods )

In the future, Kuma Bear is going to be much more careful
about where he goes fishing.
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While at dinner with Kevin and Lisas, Kevin was very nice
and gave me a bit of salmon. Kuma Bear thanks Kevin, but
Kuma Bear has told Kevin and Lisas many times that in
order for salmon to be fresh, it has to still be
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Today Kuma Bear and Lisas were up early. It was off to Portland
to pickup kevins. Poor Kevins was so tired, but hungry.
Kevins took us to a nice fish restaurant. Kevins had cat fish and
he shared some with me. Good Kevins. After stopping for some
groceries we alls went home. Kevins went to bed early. Lets all
hope Kevins gets lots of rest.
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Kuma Bear traveled with Lisa and Kevin to Portland Town today.
Kevin treated Lisa and her friend Scott to dinner.
They went to the Hawthorne Fish House. Kuma Bear gives it
4 Grrrrs for Good Fish, though Kuma Bear didn't partake
as Kuma prefers fish much fresher, with a little wiggle
left in them.

Kuma Bear soon has to say goodbye to Kevin. Best wishes, fishes,
and crossed paws on the golden salmon for a good trip.


Nov. 8th, 2009 10:14 pm
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Kuma Bear has been spending a lot of time indoors lately. Here he is with his present from Ba Bear.

Kuma understood this is where he should keep his fish; unfortunately, he has had trouble opening it, as his paws have little grip.

Here fishy fishy )

Thanks again Ba Bear.
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Kuma boarded Amtrak's Southwest Chief for Los Angeles, happily clutching the fish he found in the Metropolitan Lounge in Chicago.

Something Very Fishy in Chicago )

We'll draw the curtain on this scene as Kuma has Cross Words with Kevin over who ate the Goldfish.
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Not all of Kuma Bear's adventures were at the convention this past week. Some were in the hotel.

Kuma Goes Fishing )


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