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Bears likes Halloweens and also likes jacks-o-lanterns. Boys and Girls boughts Bears a little pumpkins just Bear's size. But lasts nights, Girls trieds to cuts its and its was sos toughs she couldn't carves its fors us. Sos she hads to draws ons its insteads.

Kuma Likes Pumpkins

Bears thinks this pumpkins has a funnys faces.
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Girls boughts and carveds a Pumpkins for Bears for Halloweens.

Ugly Pumpkin

Bears thinks Bears dids nots tells Girls very goods abouts hows to carves this Pumpkins. Girls dids what Bears saids, thoughs Bears is nots sures whats Bears saids.
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Bears has a little pumpkins. Girls helps Bears carves it. Boys tooks a pictures of its.

Kuma-Sized Jack O'Lantern

Bears gots to goes outs with Girls and Boys for Halloweens and haves peoples say Bears was cutes. Girls and Boys hads fishes for dinners and gave somes to Bears.
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Bears are known for liking costumes.

Oh, Crumbs! )

Kuma Bears thanks Kevins and Lisas for this very
nice Little Pumpkins. Ands wishes ones and alls
happy Halloweens.


Nov. 1st, 2009 10:09 am
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Halloween was not so much. Poor Lisas.
Kuma Bear decided on the Samurai Pirate costume.
Lisa was going to dress up in her school girl outfit.
She was going to take me to Portland, visit her friend and
maybe go waking in a mall so all could see and admired me.
It did not work that way.
Everyone was busy and Lisas were getting tired.
But still she knew I wanted to be seen.
First we walked -- I rode in the pack as I have such short legs -- to the local Hardware Store & Post Office.
Later we went to the near by Roth's Grocery Store.
Many people at the store were in costume.
Often I was told how cute I was and how good my eye patch looked, Arrrr.
Lisas bought her ice cream, but she did not buy me any fish, Arrrrrr.
I'll not have her walk the plank as she looked so sad. Shiver me timber.


Oct. 31st, 2009 05:10 am
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Kuma Bear and his Jack-O-Lantern
A Bear and His Pumpkin )
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Kuma Bear is getting ready for Halloween.
The problem is Bears can not decide what costume to wear.

Help Kuma Bear decide )

When Bear decides, he will have Lisa help him carve up his Pumpkin.

Happy Halloween From Kuma Bear!


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