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Kevins and Lisas have been to busys to take Kumas to play games very much. But Kuma did get to play his first Keno games.

Winning Bear )

Kevins and Lisas found Bears a fishy sort of slot machines, and said he could play for free because of a coupons the hotel gave Kevins. Bears pulled the handles a few times, and lots of lights flashed and fishes swam arounds. When the numbers stopped spinnings, Bears had wons 3250. Bears thought that was how many fishes he was going to gets and was very excited. Instead, a piece of papers came out of the machines and Kevins took it away to a cages. He did say that with the 3250 pennies that Bears could buy us desserts. Kevins and Lisas did not buy Bears any fishes, and Bears was going to have Cross Words with them, but they seemed so happys that Bears decided not to say anything.
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Once agains, Kevins buys Bears Keno tickets. Bear is sure that something is amiss. No matter how hards Bears watches the screens Kevins points to mes, Bears numbers do not comes up the way he wants thems. Perhaps Kevins is marking them with the wrong colored crayons.

Bears did win $2 today. Kevins did not let Bears buy fresh fish with them, but made Bears save them. Soon Bears hopes to show off his dollars.

Many peoples have seen Kumas Bears and have seen how mature and grown up he is and are much impressed. (As they should be!)
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Todays, Kevins bought Kuma Bears is first very owns Keno Tickets. Kuma Bears does not understands. Something is wrong with their Kenos systems: none of Bears numbers came up. Bear will investigate mores.
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Big Gambler Bear.....
Sometimes Kuma gets to play video games.
As Kuma Bear is under age to gamble, he only gets to play at it.

Kuma Bar? )

Sorry Kuma; there's only play money and no fish.


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