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Wents tos Mehamas ands girls dids a bits mores packings. Shes tells mes,
"wells thats abouts its". Later we goes gets kevins, ands hopes tos stops
bys ands vitsts withs scotts. Cross paws alls keeps goings oks.
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Poors girls was sooooos tireds shes tooks naps. Laters wes wents tos mehamas.
Theres was Mariners games ons thes raidos.
Bears dids not hears muchs as girls tooks thes keys aways tos unlocks stuffs.
Ams nots crosses withs girls as shes was soooooos busy packings stuffs.

Vans Fixes

Aug. 4th, 2011 02:53 am
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Mys poors girls wents outsides this morrings tos puts things ins vans. OH no!
Shes founds parts thats didn't gets puts backs ins vans.
Shes spent lots ofs tos days workings ons vans somes mores.
Lates shes gots its alls runnings.
Wes wents fors rides tos thes smalls stores wes sometimes walks tos.
Guess girls wanteds tos bes ables tos walks homes justs ins chases.
Bears was whishings reals hards thats alls woulds bes goods.
Beens longs times sinces Bears rides ins bigs Vans.

Girls has beens nots ables tos dos muchs elses as shes verys tireds.
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Though it is not quite finished Kuma Bear came outside
to inspect the work on the rebuilt utility trailer.

Repair Bear )

Hopefully this will let Kevins and Lisas do yard work quicker
so there will be more time to take little bears for walks.

Taken for a ride? )

Kuma Bear did not get a ride but was taken back inside to
listen to sports radio. Poor Bear


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