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Bears justs cant's gets cross. Thoughs is tuffs ons bears
whos don't gets alls thes sleeps theys shoulds. Looks forwards
tos summers ands naps.
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Bears has bears troubles, miss kevins. Whens kevins heres,
bears gots tos sleeps mores. When Kevins sleeps, bears sleeps yea.
When girls sleeps bears sleeps yea. Buts nows nos Kevins. Lisas
worrys soss, soss bears stays ups tos watchs girls. This is
bears jobs. Beens goings to beds ins thes afternoons, ands wakings
ups lates ats nights. Odds fors bears.
Lookings tos summers weres bears wills gos places
ands ses mores peoples.
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Kuma Bears is worried about lisas.
She does not sleep so goodly.
When she finally does go to bed she
toss and turns so that she pulls the
cover right off Kuma Bears. Well its
not so cold right now so Kuma Bears
can tough it out. Kuma Bears wishes on the
Golden Salmon for lisas to feel better
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Kuma Bear is a sad bear. Poor Lisas is having such trouble
with sleep. Very early sunday her game computer broke. Of
course Kevins is in Columbus so can offer little help. As
Kuma Bear knows so little of these things and has such small
paws can offer very little help. Kuma Bear suggested and so lisas
did watch some Dr. Who with Kuma Bear. The rains stopped for a
short while and Kuma Bear and lisas went for a short walk.
Kuma Bear is doing his best to cheer up is girl and hopes soon
she is feeling better and can read him more stories.
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Kuma Bear wishs kevins was already here. Poor girl has such trouble
going to sleep. Once more we spent the whole night up. There is
little such a little bear can do to help, but show support.
The pouring rain makes lisa sad but at least it is good for her bad hear.
The more noise the easer it it is for her. Kuma Bear is sad he can't
help by making noise, but I can not make much of any noise. Sad.


Dec. 15th, 2009 03:20 am
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Kuma Bear does worry over lisas so. Why?
Well often lisas have much trouble sleeping.
With the return of the rains we spend our days inside.
The day and the nights just all run together. Kuma Bear,
hopes the ear thingy for lisas will make her feel better.
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When Kuma Bear got out of bed today it was aready dark.
Lisa manged to keep her ear plug in, so she was able
to get some sleep.
Nothing else to say from the dark wet north west.

The Dawn

Nov. 20th, 2009 05:33 am
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It will be dawn soon. Lisas are still awake.
Kuma Bear says up with lisas to give her comfort.
It's a hard job for such a small bear, but
Kuma Bear is strong for someone his size.
Perhaps in awhile she will be able to get some
rest. Kuma Bear hopes so.
Kuma Bear is tring to decide if he wants a
black cape with a red lining.
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No wooden spikes needed.
Kuma Bears went to bed around dawn.
Though lisas went to bed it was clear
she didn't sleep well. She woke many times
and even pulled the blankets off Bears.
Kuma didn't mind so much as worry over how
tired she must be.

We are all sad as kevin has said, Kuma Bear
and lisas will not be going to Austin.
We would like to, it just wont work out.
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Kuma Bears have been up all night with lisas.
There are time when she has great trouble sleeping.
Bears maybe small but, hold up pretty good.


Nov. 18th, 2009 04:32 am
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Kuma Bears worried and are so sad for lisas.
We are still up, as her ear is giving her lots of trouble.
Sometimes the noise is so bad she can not sleep.
Though bears usally sleep alot this time of year.
Kuma Bear says up and give hugs were they are needed.
The thing is she wears a ear plug most all the time.
With this she is listing to static. The odd bad bit
is she has to have it to sleep. If she turns over and
it pulls out, this wakes her up. Not getting rest leaves
lisas so tired.
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Kuma Bear is very relived.
It turns out Lisa will not have to go for jury duty after all.
If Lisa had gone, Kuma Bear was going to have to stay home alone. Boo.
Hopefully soon Lisa will be able to sleep at nights.
Kuma Bear gets very tired staying up at night.
Why doesn't Kuma sleep? Worry over Lisa.

Bored Bear

Sep. 15th, 2009 04:25 am
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There is little for little Bear to do. Lisas wakes at 1 or 2 in the morning.
Though she leave Bear in bed with the covers pulled back up, it is hard to sleep for worrying. The radio stations in this area changed their programing so it is hard to listen to any ball games. Sad Bear.

Kuma Bear thanks all. By the way, what do all yous think of Walking Bear?


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