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Tonight's story is THE SERVANT PROBLEM by David Roberts:

A fun airy story of a sort of a butler bear. Fun Yes.
But.... Kuma Bear doesn't see bears as servants, ah...
more as one to be served. Served what? Why Salmon of course.
Funny little grrrr. Any how all and all a good story.
If bears were servants they would of course be good ones.

Kuma Bear gives this story 3 Grrrrsss
and 5 Grrrrss for Albert's Lemon & Honey scent.
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TED PERFECT By Alan Hackney

A Strange story about a Teddy Bear who apparently writes
messages on a computer. Note: Could a Bear write messages
on a computer? Kuma Bear will have to think that one over.
Important lesson from this story is, keep promises to Bears.
Kuma Bear gives this story 3 Grrrrrs.
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Kuma Bears listened today to HIGH SPEED TED by Pat Rush.
High paws for Mr Whoppit. This is a fur raising story of a
very fast bear and his many on going adventures.

Kuma Bear gives this story 4 Grrrsss and a fish of Mr Whoppit!
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Kuma Bear just had read to him THE TEDDY BEARS' PICNIC by William Trevor.
This is a long confusing story about someone who doesn't understand bears
at all, or little else for that mater. This story was no fun at all.

Kuma Bear gives this story NO! Grrrss
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It has been a little while, tonight Kuma Bear listen to
his girl read, ONE BEARS WAR By Elisabeth Beresford.
This is the story of one very very brave bear. Wars are
not fun or nice. Often some people think bears with there
soft fur and simple paw pads can not do very much. They
are much wrong. What bears can do is all from the heart.
They give comfort and keep moral up. They are there often
simple there, when no one else is or can be there. Often
when thing are at there worst it is a Bears finest hour.

Kuma Bear give this story his highest marks;
5 GRRRRRRSSSS and A Big Fish for Edward Bear.
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A another long night for Kuma Bear.
To night Kuma Bear had read to him: FIT FOR A PRINCESS By Pat Rush
This is a story of a most regal and famous bear (at least among bears).
His name is Alfonzo. Interestingly he has traveled even more than
the sort of famous Kuma Bear. Alfonzo's best girl was a real princess.
From England to Russia to Americas he traveled and finally back to England, where he is cherished today.

Kuma Bear gives this story 4 Grrrrrrsss and a fish for Alfonzo.
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Kuma Bear just heard;
LOOK ME IN THE EYE by Jill Drower:
This is a most sad story. Much tears. Yes some have more than others,
but it's hard to under stand how much the loss of ones bear can hurt.
The story does show how a bear can help out anyone.

Kuma Bear gives this story 1 Grrrrr.
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CONFESSIONS OF A BAD BEAR by Allan Frewin Jones;
Kuma Bear had a hard time with this story.
First Kuma Bear has a hard time believing there could be a
really bad bear. Oh bears are some time mischievous, but not bad!
There is a not at all nice person in this story. Once again
some people don't understand bear are for hugging and loving.
Neither Kuma Bear nor lisas like this story much at all.

Kuma Bear gives this story just bearly 2 Grrrsss.
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It cold wet and dark out. My poor girl has much trouble sleeping
,but she is so good to me and has read me another story.
Kuma Bear gives this story 4 Grrrsss and a Growl for
the bad person who was not at all nice to Jericho.
(Jericho is the name of a very very old and nice bear)
This story shows how important bears are to some and
not to others. Bears are to be held, held in high honor
not treated badly. Best fishs to Jericho.
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Even though lisas were not feeling so go she did read me a story.
Kuma Bear gives this story 5 Grrrrs and
Best fishs to the passengers and crew of RMS Titanic.
A sad but good story that shows even the smallest bear
can have some great adventures.
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Kuma Bear just listened to lisas read,
A FRIEND IN NEED by Anne Goring;
Kuma Bear gives this story 4 Grrrrrss and fish for Joe.
(joe is the bear in the story)
This is a story of another well traveled bear and is told from
a bears eye view. This bear watches and understands his girls
troubles. Best of all he does all he can to help.
Being well traveled and seen so much Kuma Bear has done all
a bear can do for his girl ,so can really understand this story.


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