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Yay! Kuma Bear has made it to Pasadena and Westercon.

Kuma Bear motored down with Kevin and Lisas. While they
stopped at a rest area (they're not as good a travelers
as Kuma Bear), they went for a short walk and showed
me this sign.

Rest Area Sign )

Grrrrrr! Kuma Bear is not a pet! And besides, Kuma Bear
does not make messes. Well, not often, anyway.

Kuma Bear looks forward to seeing everyone here at
Westercon. Let's have a fun convention.

Oh, hey, remember to come by the bid table to see
us and Vote for Tonopah!
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Kuma Bear has heard some people (not bears) say not nice things about
our bid site and hotel. Some have made out that the hotel looks like this.

Not the luxury suites )

Others, (again not bears) have said that it would be hard to talk and
do computer stuff because it would be so old fashioned.

Not the hotel switchboard )

What is really true is that the Ramada Tonopah Station is a very
nice place to be

So please come by our bid table and visit our bid party
at this year's Westercon in Pasadena.

Always remember what Kuma Bear says...
"If you can't think of any place better, VOTE TONOPAH"
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Kuma Bear understands that some people think that he would perpetuate a Hoax. Kuma Bear may be small, but he's very sincere. Kevin has assured him that if all of the things listed on the flier below happen, Kuma Bear can hold his convention.

Flier explaining how Tonopah can win the election )

Kuma Bear of course wants the best place for Westercon 65 to win and hopes that everyone will participate by voting for their favorite site.

Always remember what Kuma Bear says: "If you can't think of any place better, Vote Tonopah!"
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Kevin and Lisas need to buy blank t-shirts for the
Friends of the Tonopah Bid. If you're planning on
supporting the bid, please tell Kuma Bear or
[ profile] kevin_standlee what size shirt you wear so
they can get you a shirt that fits.

Kuma Bear already has his shirt, but it's too small
for most peoples.
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Kuma Bear understands there has been questions on how far the
main hotel (The Ramada Tonopah Station) is from the the other
various con facilities and attractions.
As Kuma Bear mostly rides form place to place it is hard
to give a good account. (A long walk for bear is from the
kitchen to the bedroom-see Kitchen Bear)
Kuma Bear suggests a questions of this sort be handled by
Kevins, as he knows so much about theses sort of things.

Prices to buy Con (Tonopah Westercon Bid) Merchandise
will be announced soon.
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Kuma Bear has returned home. Had fun at the con.
Little Bear is a bit tired. Will be back to work
on the Tonopah Bid real soon.
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Norwescon: an empty fan table opened up, and Kuma Bear took advantage to set up an info table for the Tonopah Westercon bid:

Bid Bear at Work )

It has been a busy convention for Kuma Bear, as he has worked hard at the convention. The Tonopah bid provided free memberships as prizes at Match Game SF (and gave away three of them). Kuma Bear's hard work also led to the bid selling its first paid pre-supporting membership.

Kuma Bear is looking for more support, and thanks everyone for coming to talk with him.
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Kuma Bear is pleased and proud to announce officially...

Ta-Dah! )


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