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Soons Bears goes ons trips tos sees boys. Wills travels withs mys girls.
Lookings forwads tos sees manys things. Perhaps theys wills lets
this bears drives trains. Wills asks Kevins tos asks fors mes.
Wills lets alls knows wahts bears thinks ofs thes places weres
thes conventions wils bes. Musts finds outs ifs its goods fors Bears.

Wishes ons The Golden Salmon fors nices trips.
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Bears ands girls is sads as Kevins is goings aways.
Wes hads wonderfuls times togethers.

Best fishes and wishs ons the Golden Salmon fors goods travels.


Feb. 19th, 2011 09:54 pm
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Bears understands kevins is ons his ways heres. Yeas!
Bests Fishs, and bests wishs tos The Golden Salmon
,fors safes trips.
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Tis snows outs, bears wills weras stockings hats.
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Soons Kevins gos fars aways. Bears ands Lisas hopes Kevins has
a fines times .Wills dos whats bears dos ands takes cares ofs
lisas. Keivns shoulds looks fors fishs fors bears. Fishs is
goods. Lookings tos nexts conventions weres Kumas Bears cans
sees ands bes seans bys everys ones.

Will wishes ons Golden Salmon fors bestests travels


Jul. 7th, 2010 02:13 pm
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Kuma Bears and Lisas are home. Lisa is very tired.

Kuma does not like driving in the summer. It is
much too hot for Bears.
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Kuma Bear was going to be heading back toward Oregon today,
but Kevins van did not want to go. Deciding that they were
not going anywhere today after all, Kevins and Lisas took
Kuma Bears to lunch.

Kuma Bear is very worried. Lisas back is still hurting her
very much. So much so that Kevins had to carry Kuma Bears

While Lisas went in to take a bath, she turned on the TV
set so Bears would not be bored. Kuma Bear does not
understand this game where the men run around a
soccer field waving fishing nets at each other. Kuma
Bear did not see any fish.
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Yay! Kuma Bear has made it to Pasadena and Westercon.

Kuma Bear motored down with Kevin and Lisas. While they
stopped at a rest area (they're not as good a travelers
as Kuma Bear), they went for a short walk and showed
me this sign.

Rest Area Sign )

Grrrrrr! Kuma Bear is not a pet! And besides, Kuma Bear
does not make messes. Well, not often, anyway.

Kuma Bear looks forward to seeing everyone here at
Westercon. Let's have a fun convention.

Oh, hey, remember to come by the bid table to see
us and Vote for Tonopah!
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Will Kuma Bear is off for westercon.

Not much for bears to say except,
"best wishes and fishssss for all"

Don't for get to VOTE TONOPAH

Home Boy

Feb. 13th, 2010 10:39 pm
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Kuma Bear welcomes Kevins home.
Sorry i didn't haves fish for yous
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Kuma Bear just listened to lisas read,
A FRIEND IN NEED by Anne Goring;
Kuma Bear gives this story 4 Grrrrrss and fish for Joe.
(joe is the bear in the story)
This is a story of another well traveled bear and is told from
a bears eye view. This bear watches and understands his girls
troubles. Best of all he does all he can to help.
Being well traveled and seen so much Kuma Bear has done all
a bear can do for his girl ,so can really understand this story.


Dec. 20th, 2009 10:50 am
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Saturday, Kuma Bear traveled to Portland with Lisas.
Kevins had returned from his travels. Yea.
Bear had a nice stay at the Holiday Inn Express Portland Airport,
but was saddened because Lisas still had a great deal of trouble
sleeping even in a such nice room. Whatever is a little bear to do?


Nov. 13th, 2009 11:28 pm
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Kuma Bears return from Portland.
Lisa had the little pickup in the shop to make it all better.
Bears did not like the long stay in Tempe.
Today Bear had to ride in the center of the seat using the small seat belt,
as the bear-size car seat was not installed. Often Bear has to ride in the
center seat when Kevin is along as there is no room for his car seat,
with such a BIG bear with him.
The truck seams OK, so now Kuma Bear will be busy making preparations
for thanksgiving (No fish, Grrrrrrrrr) and getting ready for SMOFCon.

Please follow Bear cross country.
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After seeing [ profile] kevin_standlee's map of where he's been, Bear took stock of his travels.
All Around Bear )

Bear has been more places than Kevin has been.
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While the train laid over in Denver, Kuma Bear explored haunts familiar to him from last year's Worldcon.

Small Bear Meets Big Bear )

Then it was back to the train for the another night in the sleeper. Kuma says, "Night-night!"
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Kuma Bear's long train ride to Chicago started at Emeryville, California, near San Francisco.

All Aboard for Chicago! )

Leaving Sacramento, there was a long climb into the mountains. Just before Reno, an on-board announcement mentioned trout fishing outside the train. Kuma's ears perked up and Lisa took him to the window where he could watch the fishermen in the adjacent Truckee River. Sorry, no trout for Bear today. Poor Bear!
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Kuma Bear avails himself of the services of the hotel in Emeryville where he's staying on his one-day layover in the Bay Area, but is disappointed.

Something Fishy Going on Here )


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