Jun. 8th, 2017 12:02 am
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Bears likes tos goes fors rides withs boys ands girls, buts is nots soooos funs whens vans is sooooos hots. girls wraps bears ups tos keeps bears safes buts is hots fors bears. Ons trips tos towns, justs as soons as vans nots so hots wes alls stops tos goes shoppings ors goees tos eats. Outs ofs thes Vans Ins tos thes vans.

Hots Vans

Sep. 29th, 2011 01:01 am
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Bears wents tos Remos todays withs Lisas.
Bears not wants to hurts girls feelings buts bears nots likes riddings ins
hots vans. Was nots as verys funs trips. Thes houses heres is mosts
comfortables fors bears soos fars. Still wantings lisas tos fixes mes
ups mys owns computers , as bears likes tos watches fishes. Theres is
lots tos dos heres yets.
Wills asks agians whens mores things is alls fixeds ups.
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Soons wes leaves fors Worlds Cons ands news homes. Ams makings bigs wishs ons
The Golden Salmon fors safes trips ands now troubles. Wills bes lookings
forwards tos seeings lots ofs peoples.

Watches Kevins tos sees weres wes ares.
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Todays wes tooks thes houses (trailes) ons drives.
Was shorts buts alls wells. Bears rides ins Vans.
Soons wills bes leaveings fors Renos. Firsts tos looks ats news homes.
Then offs tos bigs conventions. Yous sees bears stops bys says "hi s bears"
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Lisas beens workings hards tos gets ours homes ,travels trailers readys.
Soons tomorrows ors nexts days wes goes tos portlands tos haves thes
Trailers checkeds ands stuffs. Ams tolds I's dos nots rides ins trailers.
Wills rides ins mys cars seats ins thes Vans. Bears does nots understands
whys, buts likes beings nears his girls.
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Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr somes parts ons thes vans nots works.
Girls tells thes fixs its mans to fixs is its. Hes tells girls
theys don't makes thes parts. Girls goes gets parts. Mans says
"thats nots thes parts". Ok says girls. Loooks reals hards ands
finds parts Mans says its need. Wes goes gets parts.

"Aggggggs" says girls "will haves to rewires everys things"

Girl looks aging . Nos !! its dids nots needs Fancys parts.
It onlys needs the parts shes hads gottens ins thes firsts places.

Whys don't thes cars fixes peoples litstens tos girls?

Shes spent rest ofs days outs sides workings, dos nots thinks shes hads funs.

Shes did tells mes thoughs thats the first thing was alls dones.

This is goods buts shes says somes mores diifrents stuffs has tos bes dones.

Beings goods bears ands waitings.


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