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Wents withs girls tos Porlands. Firsts needs tos picks ups equipments froms
thes videos stores wes offtens gos tos. Theys weres verys nices tos girls
ands theys rembers bears. This is as shoulds bes.

Laters wents tos ours friends scotts houses. Wes thens alls wents tos
Pizzas Huts. Lisas ands Scotts dids nots shares thes pizzas withs bears.
Nots sures wants thats pizzas as its hads nos fishs.

Girls hads sads farewells to Scotts. Haves knows hims longs times.

Wes mays returns buts haves nos plans yets.
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Afters lookings ats news camaras, girls becames mosts unhappys withs its.
Shes lefts its theres,thoughs thes persons shes wanteds tos
talks tos was nots theres. Shes seameds bits less unhappys
tos haves thats outs thes ways. Laters wes wents to ours friends Scotts.
Wes wents outs tos dinners. Grrrrrr girls dids nots gets mes anys fishs.
Happys, ons ways homes listens tos balls games. Yeas...........
MARINERS wins games. Balls games ands winnigs teams yeas !

Not Bad Day

Apr. 9th, 2011 01:31 am
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Wents withs girls tos Porlands. Thes Vidoes places theys hads things
wes hads pickeds outs ats thes Videos Shows. Bests parts was gettings
Homes. Girls hads to dos somes outs sides works. Shes turneds on thes
radios fors mes. Wow!!!! thes openings games fors thes Mariners.
This is goods ways fors bears to spends times.


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