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Bears has nos funs whens Tornadoes blews downs
Aumsvilles. Was nos powers here, buts theres is
powers nows. Bears nots likes bdas weathers.
Alsos its cans scarys thes fishes aways.


Jul. 7th, 2010 02:13 pm
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Kuma Bears and Lisas are home. Lisa is very tired.

Kuma does not like driving in the summer. It is
much too hot for Bears.
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Lisas took me home to watch movies. After many tries Lisa
found that the trailer's furnace was not working. She made
do with a small portable heater, but it does not keep
the trailer as warm. Mater of fact we could see a bit of
ice around the door frame. Brrrrrrr.

Kuma Bear is OK as Lisa keeps me in my blanket. Good
thing Kevin will be home soon. Please don't worry too
much as Kuma Bear will look after his girl.

P.S. We did watch our movie.

Cold Out

Dec. 7th, 2009 07:18 pm
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Though it was sunny out it was very cold.
Lisas went to the post and brought home a big box.
She would not let me peek in side. Kuma Bear wonders
if there is a present for bear in the box? When Lisas goes
shopping I usually ride inside the pack and can not see what she
might be buying for me. Of course I would like to get her a present
but my allowance is so small. Besides it's hard to surprise her as
she is usually carrying me. Perhaps Kevin will help me.
Making ready for Christmas and the Holidays.
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Kuma Bear is glad Kevin could take movies at SmofCon.
Poor Kevin though, not being able to video Kuma Bear.

This morining the winds came. The awning is sort of tatered.

Tattered Trailer Photo )

Later lisas will have to go up on the trailer roof and fix it.
Kuma Bear will say below and watch.
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Kuma Bear is sad that things are not going gooder
for kevin. Grrrrrrrr at box not coming on time.

Today the sky was clear but ever so cold. Lisas
took me out for short walk, but made me wear my
hat and coat. We walked the field and picked up
wind blown sticks.

Later lisas got the matchgame computer to play
a game. Good for her. The only game I play with
her is blackjack. Watch out for Kuma Bear in Reno.

Nothing else from Oregon.
Best Fishesss to allllll....
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Today lisas noticed that during that big wind
a tree had fallen on the big house. Grrrrrrr at winds.
Kuma Bear put his foot down and told lisas that she
was not to try and do any thing about it till Kevins
come in december. Kuma Bear worries too much as is.
Kevin may put up some pictures on his journal later.
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Later that night....
Suddenly the wind begins to blow,
The lights dim, sure enough the power has gone.
Not to worry the batteries hold. A moment later
back to full power. Was Kuma Bear scared? Yes!
When the wind blows thing get nocked down, and
they have fallen on the trailer.
All is well at the moment.
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--Lisa reporting for Kuma Bear.
Sorry to report Kuma Bear is not feeling so good today.
I don't know what is troubling him but he is not his usual upbeat self. I think he has been over-worrying about me.
I'll keep him in bed all day. No adventures for little bear today.

Dull days

Nov. 2nd, 2009 07:48 pm
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Weather was nice, yet it was a dull day.
Bears spent the day in.
Not all days can be spent out and about.


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