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The wind came like a freight train. Noise of awning swaying
and creaking was yucky. The luck of the golden salmon was with
us and only a few small limbs fell down. It's not nice for
a small bear to be scared. With Kuma Bear safely tucked
in lisas coat we watched for awhile outside and when things
seamed to settle down we went back inside. Later lisas had
a us watch the last of the Tom Baker era. He is Kuma Bears
favorite, though lisas likes William Hartnell best.
Kuma Bear has such fun watching.
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Kuma Bear is glad Kevin could take movies at SmofCon.
Poor Kevin though, not being able to video Kuma Bear.

This morining the winds came. The awning is sort of tatered.

Tattered Trailer Photo )

Later lisas will have to go up on the trailer roof and fix it.
Kuma Bear will say below and watch.
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Today lisas noticed that during that big wind
a tree had fallen on the big house. Grrrrrrr at winds.
Kuma Bear put his foot down and told lisas that she
was not to try and do any thing about it till Kevins
come in december. Kuma Bear worries too much as is.
Kevin may put up some pictures on his journal later.
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Later that night....
Suddenly the wind begins to blow,
The lights dim, sure enough the power has gone.
Not to worry the batteries hold. A moment later
back to full power. Was Kuma Bear scared? Yes!
When the wind blows thing get nocked down, and
they have fallen on the trailer.
All is well at the moment.

The Wind

Nov. 16th, 2009 10:38 pm
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A Bears night in. We were watching a movie,
(The Taking of Pelhum 123) it was very exciting.
No more than the movie ended but the wind begin to blow.
Don't think lite of the wimds here. Ask Kevin what the winds
here can be like.
Lisa went out side with rope and Bears sat and
listened to the scary wind.
Later out side I coiuld see were she had added more rope to
hold the cover over the trailer in place.
Kuma Bear could not offer much help, but tried not to show
how scaried Kuma felt.


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