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Bears heards that theys was givings awasy frees fishes at the Worldscons and askes Boys to takes him to where the frees fishes was.

Oh Noes!

Bears was verys unhappies thats instead of frees fishes, they was havings fishes frees zones!

Boys saids that Boys woulds makes its ups to Bears at dinners and gave Bears somes of Boys' salmons. Its was goods, but nots as goods as ats Spokanes.


Jul. 29th, 2017 05:15 am
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soons bears leaves fors worldscons. hopes tos sees manys friends theres.

Con Bears

Jan. 13th, 2014 07:00 am
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Bears likes tos goes tos Worldscons and sees manys peoples ands theys thells bears hows goods Bears looks. Dos nots knows ifs cans goes tos nexts ones ors nots. Mys mosts specials girls is nots yets sures shes cans makes thes trips. Ifs nots Bears wills stays withs hers and trys hards tos cheers hers.

King Kuma

Sep. 8th, 2013 09:59 pm
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Bears Sits on Thrones )

Kumas says, "Brings mes alls yours fishes!"
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Bears wents with Boys and Girls todays to sees Mr. Goddards.
Bears Likes to Helps )

Afters helping Mr. Goddards, Bears meets new friends.

Hello, Mr. Bobs )

After that, Bears was very boreds all days ridings pasts same old place overs and overs agains withs No Fishes at alls.

Bears is stills lookings forwards to sees friends ats Worldcons. Best Fishes to alls!
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Kevins is helping Bears post things here. (There were changes in LiveJournal that make it hard for Lisas to post anymore.)

Bear is once more in Emeryville, where he was three years ago. The fishs is still not fresh.

Tomorrow Bears is off with Kevins and Lisas on the train to Chicago. We hope to have lots of stories to tell about our train adventures. Bears is looking forwards to seeing all of his friends at Worldcon. As you can sees from the little picture, Lisas has made Bears a new flight suit for wearing to Worldcon. You can come see how handsome Bears is anytime you likes.
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Bears Boys and Girls is ins Renos. Lets thes Funs Begins !
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Soons Kevins gos fars aways. Bears ands Lisas hopes Kevins has
a fines times .Wills dos whats bears dos ands takes cares ofs
lisas. Keivns shoulds looks fors fishs fors bears. Fishs is
goods. Lookings tos nexts conventions weres Kumas Bears cans
sees ands bes seans bys everys ones.

Will wishes ons Golden Salmon fors bestests travels

Busy Bear

Aug. 7th, 2009 09:01 pm
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Bear is having a wonderful time meeting all of his friends at Worldcon in Montreal. It's non-stop work for Bear being cute, so there's no time for pictures. His adventures will continue on his trip home in a few days.
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Kuma Bear is traveling with Kevin and Lisa to this year's World Science Fiction Convention in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They're going the long way, from Salem OR to Emeryville CA to Chicago IL to Schenectady NY to Montreal QC, and they're doing the whole trip by rail.

Ready to Ride Out of Town on a Rail )

It's a long trip ahead for Kuma Bear.


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