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2010-02-27 07:58 pm
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Home Coming

Today Kuma Bear and Lisas were up early. It was off to Portland
to pickup kevins. Poor Kevins was so tired, but hungry.
Kevins took us to a nice fish restaurant. Kevins had cat fish and
he shared some with me. Good Kevins. After stopping for some
groceries we alls went home. Kevins went to bed early. Lets all
hope Kevins gets lots of rest.
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2010-01-03 09:09 pm
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A Dinner Out

Kuma Bear traveled with Lisa and Kevin to Portland Town today.
Kevin treated Lisa and her friend Scott to dinner.
They went to the Hawthorne Fish House. Kuma Bear gives it
4 Grrrrs for Good Fish, though Kuma Bear didn't partake
as Kuma prefers fish much fresher, with a little wiggle
left in them.

Kuma Bear soon has to say goodbye to Kevin. Best wishes, fishes,
and crossed paws on the golden salmon for a good trip.
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2009-11-13 12:35 pm
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Off to Portlamd.