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Girls was most crosses withs mes. Its seams I's hids thes keys.
Shes mades ans extras trips tos Sumblitys tos thes hotels tos checks.
Bears is justs worrieds shes works toooos hards.
Mes thinks shes is justs abouts dones. Wes goes gets boys tomorrows
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This morings ws wents tos mehamas sos girls coulds dos mores packings.
Laters wents tos salems tos gets mores boxes.

(Tells girls many times boxes is nots bests fors keepings fishs)

Girls hads to drives lots ins salems tos
gets alls (somes )thes things shes wanteds. Backs to Mehamas, mores packings.
After girls fells twices, " Bears Puts Paws Downs."
Back to Sublimitys fors rests ands lunchs.
Laters wills goes backs ands lets hers dos somes mores.
Girls seams happys withs hows things is goings.
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Wes is ins thes motels ins Sublimitys. Hads mosts uns funs nights.
Girls hads tos fixes thes trucks besides thes roads. Shes dids makes its
alls rights buts shes dids crys lots.Bears dos littles buts bes sympathetics.
Poors girls. Is taking shorts rests froms packings. Tolds girls to.
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Blues Lights Bears is ats Klamaths Falls.Bears has beens ons thes roads lots.
Hopes tos bes ins news homes soons. Ones mores trips girls says.
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Soons wes leaves fors Worlds Cons ands news homes. Ams makings bigs wishs ons
The Golden Salmon fors safes trips ands now troubles. Wills bes lookings
forwards tos seeings lots ofs peoples.

Watches Kevins tos sees weres wes ares.
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Todays wes tooks thes houses (trailes) ons drives.
Was shorts buts alls wells. Bears rides ins Vans.
Soons wills bes leaveings fors Renos. Firsts tos looks ats news homes.
Then offs tos bigs conventions. Yous sees bears stops bys says "hi s bears"
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WOWs Girls lets mes suts ins trailers whiles shes gots its readys.
Fors thes firsts times ins mores thans 10years thes trailes moves.
Girls moves the trailers justs littles bits, buts nows crosses ways
tos weres its beens fors soooooos longs.

Nows thes Trailers is behinds thes vans ands is readys fors thes roads.
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Lisas beens workings hards tos gets ours homes ,travels trailers readys.
Soons tomorrows ors nexts days wes goes tos portlands tos haves thes
Trailers checkeds ands stuffs. Ams tolds I's dos nots rides ins trailers.
Wills rides ins mys cars seats ins thes Vans. Bears does nots understands
whys, buts likes beings nears his girls.
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Girls wents this morings tos thes Hardwares stores fors batteries fors trailers. Thes trailers needs 2s ofs thems.
Shes hads alreadys gottens ones. Sads girls gots there ands somes hads justs boughts thes lasts ones. Grrrrrs
Wes wents tos Staytons tos gets mores moneys ands sees if theres was batteies theres.
Grrrrrrr nos batteries likes shes wanteds. Wes wents backs tos mehamas. Girls mades lots ofs phones calls.
Founds ones places ins salems withs ( ones ) batteries. Wes wents tos towns ands gots its.
Yea! I's hads tos stays insides whiles lisas puts thes batteies in.
Girls tos looks fors thes ties downs things..... shes coulds nots finds thems.
Poors girls.. Shes mades quicks walks tos Hardwares stores.
Justs ins times as its was closeings. shes cames backs withs somes ties things.
Jobs dones.
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Todays girls tooks mes withs hers ins thes bigs Vans. Wes wents tos gets
thes littls picks-ups. Was longs trips ands hots. Hads to waits fors somes
times as girls wanteds thes mechanics tos fixes ones ofs thes belts ons thes
bigs vans. Wes thens heads backs tos mehemans. Ones mores things dones.

Vans Fixes

Aug. 4th, 2011 02:53 am
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Mys poors girls wents outsides this morrings tos puts things ins vans. OH no!
Shes founds parts thats didn't gets puts backs ins vans.
Shes spent lots ofs tos days workings ons vans somes mores.
Lates shes gots its alls runnings.
Wes wents fors rides tos thes smalls stores wes sometimes walks tos.
Guess girls wanteds tos bes ables tos walks homes justs ins chases.
Bears was whishings reals hards thats alls woulds bes goods.
Beens longs times sinces Bears rides ins bigs Vans.

Girls has beens nots ables tos dos muchs elses as shes verys tireds.
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Lasts nights girls slepts verys littles. Shes was ups befores lights.
Wents outs ands was packings. Theres seams sooooos muchs tos dos.
Shes comes ins ands rests fors littles bits ands goes backs outs dos mores.
Haves beens heres longs times, buts Bears is lookings muchs forwards
tos news places ands news times.


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