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Bears haves beens ridings ins littles trucks alls weeks. Todays wes wents tos salems withs boys ands gots anothers bigs trucks. Laters wes alls wents tos mehamas. girls ands boys workeds ands workeds to puts lots of things ins bigs trucks. Evens withs mys Specials Blues Lights Powers , bears coulds dos justs tinys bits tos helps. Girls was mosts crosses ats littles trucks whens its lights nots works. Bears ofs offers tos use his Specials Blues Lights Powers. Girls says bears musts saves his powers fors onlys extras specails things.
Afters somes times withs helps froms boys , mys girls dids fixs things.

Tomorrows wes heads fors news homes. Bears likes news homes.
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Wents tos Mehamas ands girls dids a bits mores packings. Shes tells mes,
"wells thats abouts its". Later we goes gets kevins, ands hopes tos stops
bys ands vitsts withs scotts. Cross paws alls keeps goings oks.
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Girls was most crosses withs mes. Its seams I's hids thes keys.
Shes mades ans extras trips tos Sumblitys tos thes hotels tos checks.
Bears is justs worrieds shes works toooos hards.
Mes thinks shes is justs abouts dones. Wes goes gets boys tomorrows
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This morings ws wents tos mehamas sos girls coulds dos mores packings.
Laters wents tos salems tos gets mores boxes.

(Tells girls many times boxes is nots bests fors keepings fishs)

Girls hads to drives lots ins salems tos
gets alls (somes )thes things shes wanteds. Backs to Mehamas, mores packings.
After girls fells twices, " Bears Puts Paws Downs."
Back to Sublimitys fors rests ands lunchs.
Laters wills goes backs ands lets hers dos somes mores.
Girls seams happys withs hows things is goings.


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