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While Kuma Bear is still a bit disappointed about not winning
his Tonopah Westercon bid, there were many people who
stopped and congratulated him on doing such a good job
of bidding. Many of them asked, "When are you going
to do it again?"

(For some reason, Kevins made funny noises and
had grumpy looks every time someone asked that
question. He's been working really hard; maybe his
back is sore like poor Lisas is.)

Although Kuma Bear is touched and pleased, he knows
he can only ask for Lisas and Kevins helps so much.
As they are undoubtedly going to be busy for a while,
Kuma Bear will bide his times and plan strategy.

Don't worry, Kuma Bear will be back!
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While Kuma Bear was assisting and supervising Match
Game SF
, the results of the Westercon election
were announced. Perhaps Kevin has already said this,
but it seems that Seattle got 54 votes and Tonopah
got 31. grr

While Kuma Bear is very sad about not winning, we
are still very proud that we appear to have had a
respectable showing, and we want to thank everyone
who supported us and voted for Tonopah.

Kevin showed Kuma Bears this story that
said very nice things about the Tonopah bid. Best
Fishes to Mister Glyer for his kind words.

As of now, we have no immediate plans of launching
any other bids. Don't count Kuma Bears out, though,
as he will keep looking for good places to hold

(Kumas Bears knows that it was a mistake to bid
for some place that doesn't have fish.)

Table Time

Jul. 2nd, 2010 04:55 pm
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Second (and final) day of holding down the Tonopah
Westercon bid table. Here is Kevin and Kuma Bears
sitting at the table.

There's a sign... )

Kevin made this wonderful (extra-big) poster explaining
why Kuma Bear is not behind a Hoax Bid and how Tonopah
can indeed win.

It has been a long, hard day for Kuma Bears, with lots
more work to come tonight. Kuma Bears wishes to thank
everyone for all of their support, and not to worry:
Should by some chance we not win, Kuma Bears and friends
will work to find another time to try again.

(Kuma Bears wonders why Kevins looks at him so
funny when he said that.)
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Wow! Look at all of the people who came to see Kuma Bear
and the Tonopah in 2012 Westercon bid party!

Standing Room Only )

Kuma Bear held vigil at the Business End of the room selling
memberships and talking up Tonopah.

Bears Slide Show )

Kevin tells me that we sold another four pre-supporting
memberships in the bid during the party. Go Tonopah!

It was a wonderful night, but a very tiring one for a small bear.
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The Tonopah 2012 Bid Committee is proud to announce a spectacular new policy.


In theme with the first Westercon to offer a hotel that
gives away free room nights (some restrictions apply),
Tonopah 2012 is offering something very similar.

Kuma Bear is seen here with the official Tonopah Dice Cage.

Step right up and roll )

Come by our bid table in Pasadena or our bid party and
find out all the details.

Kuma Bear thanks Lisas very much for her hercle...
hurtue..., hircule..., huge efforts in building
this dice cage from scratch.

Remember What Kuma Bear Says,
"If you can't think of any place better, VOTE TONOPAH!"
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Kuma Bears is most happy to announce that Tonopah T-shirts are
now available. We have (2 L),(4 XL),(3 2XL) & (1 3XL), plus
the ones Kevins has with him.

Please show your support for Tonopah. A T-shirt is a swell way to do so.

It has come to the attention of the chair that some are not
taking our bid very seriously. Well perhaps our bid is a bit
small. It's true we are bidding an odd site. But this chair
takes this bid very serious. What Kuma Bears is made of
should not be of any importance. If the bid wins, the committee
will elect a con chair. Wither or not Kuma Bear will actually chair
the convention is of no relevance now.
Who ever you do vote for have a good time at Westercon in Pasadena.

Remember what Kuma Bear says:
"If you can't think of any place better vote TONOPAH"


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