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Bears is in Hotels with Girls and Boys wheres wes has stayeds befores. (Boys says it is "Hiltons Gardens Inns.") Bears looked at foods they hads, and sees thats theys still has no fresh fishes — at least nones that wiggles. Girls showed mes menus that showed "Crispy Salmons" but Boys would not buys me anys.

Tomorrows wes are goings on trains. Bears likes trains.
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Girls and Boys tooks Bears to sees trains todays. Bears likes trains.

Bears Likes to Helps )

Everybodies had goods times at trains place. Then we wents wheres it rains too muches. Bears tolds Boys he is sillies to stand in rains with cameras getting wets and asked when we is going homes. Boys says wes is goings homes soons.
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Kevins is helping Bears post things here. (There were changes in LiveJournal that make it hard for Lisas to post anymore.)

Bear is once more in Emeryville, where he was three years ago. The fishs is still not fresh.

Tomorrow Bears is off with Kevins and Lisas on the train to Chicago. We hope to have lots of stories to tell about our train adventures. Bears is looking forwards to seeing all of his friends at Worldcon. As you can sees from the little picture, Lisas has made Bears a new flight suit for wearing to Worldcon. You can come see how handsome Bears is anytime you likes.
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While Kevin was off riding in trains in California, Kuma Bear went to the Oregon Electric Railway Museum in Brooks, Oregon.

Bear's Been Working on the Railroad... )

Later Kuma Bear went to Portland Union Station.
Too many people and no trains for Kuma Bear to ride.

Kuma Bear wants to go on another long train ride.
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The final leg of Kuma Bear's transcontinental train journey was the Coast Starlight from Los Angeles to Salem, Oregon on August 16, 2009. The train leaves much too early in the morning, and Los Angeles doesn't have a Metropolitan Lounge like in Chicago, but first class passengers can check in early at Traxx Lounge in the lobby of the station.

First Class Bear )

The trip north had some some rough patches, but it all turned out all right in the end and Kuma Bear returned safely to Oregon.
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After going to bed after Kansas City, Bear awoke as the train passed through New Mexico.

Right turn at Albuquerque? ) While this particular trip may have ended, it's not the end of Kuma's travels, not by a long shot.
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Kuma boarded Amtrak's Southwest Chief for Los Angeles, happily clutching the fish he found in the Metropolitan Lounge in Chicago.

Something Very Fishy in Chicago )

We'll draw the curtain on this scene as Kuma has Cross Words with Kevin over who ate the Goldfish.
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Sorry to be gone for so long. We pick up once again with Kuma Bear's return trip from Montreal.

First Class Bear )

Bear departed on the Southwest Chief for Los Angeles later that day.
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Bear spent Monday night and the first half of Tuesday on board the Lake Shore Limited train from Chicago, getting off at Schenectady NY.

Follow the Bouncing Bear )

Kuma will next check in from Worldcon. Kuma looks forward to seeing all of his friends at Anticipation.


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