Jul. 11th, 2017 01:01 am
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bears is homes ands is hides ins cools caves, wells bears thinks ofs smalls trailers as sorts ofs caves.
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Bears was in Las Vegases todays. It's too hots for Bears. But when Boys and Girls weres doings their shoppings, Bears saws a pictures Bears knowses.

That Looks Familiar

This was the pictures from Bears's Westercons bids for Tonopahs. Bears thinks its a nice pictures. And Bears stills doesn't knows whys we aren't holdings Westercons in Tonopahs. It's much nicers theres than heres.


Jun. 23rd, 2017 12:16 am
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Bears hads baths todays. *Pouts* Bears nots likes baths evens ifs baths is goods fors bears. Musts bes ats bears bests as is times tos seeess everys ones ats conventions.

Bath Time Bear
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Bears hads so muchs funs biddings for Tonopahs to holds Westercons that he's tolds Boys and Girls that Bears wants to bids for Renos now thats we lives nears theres. Yous cans gives Bears fishes and honeys and berrys to pays fors its.
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Bears is at Westercons in Sacramentos. Bears tells Lisas whats to dos with microphones.

Official Bear )

Peoples should comes to sees Bears.


Apr. 14th, 2013 11:21 pm
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Bears wents to Westercons meetings todays. There was no talks of Bears and no talks of fishes. But everyones elese seems to have goods times. Bears not understands this.
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Bears ands gilrls has sos hurrys tos sees houses.
Wills tells mores soons. Reads Kevins notes tos sess.


Jun. 27th, 2011 02:53 am
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Onces agins bears hads tos haves baths. Nots likes baths.
Soons wills bes goings withs girls tos Westercons.
Lookings forwards tos seeings alls mys admires.
Westercons shoulds bes lots of funs !!!!!
( Evens ifs theys don'ts haves lots ofs fishes )
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Will Kuma Bear is off for westercon.

Not much for bears to say except,
"best wishes and fishssss for all"

Don't for get to VOTE TONOPAH
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Kuma Bear has heard some people (not bears) say not nice things about
our bid site and hotel. Some have made out that the hotel looks like this.

Not the luxury suites )

Others, (again not bears) have said that it would be hard to talk and
do computer stuff because it would be so old fashioned.

Not the hotel switchboard )

What is really true is that the Ramada Tonopah Station is a very
nice place to be

So please come by our bid table and visit our bid party
at this year's Westercon in Pasadena.

Always remember what Kuma Bear says...
"If you can't think of any place better, VOTE TONOPAH"
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Kuma Bear understands that some people think that he would perpetuate a Hoax. Kuma Bear may be small, but he's very sincere. Kevin has assured him that if all of the things listed on the flier below happen, Kuma Bear can hold his convention.

Flier explaining how Tonopah can win the election )

Kuma Bear of course wants the best place for Westercon 65 to win and hopes that everyone will participate by voting for their favorite site.

Always remember what Kuma Bear says: "If you can't think of any place better, Vote Tonopah!"
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Kuma Bear would like to remind everyone that Westercon 63 is coming up very soon.
You can't do Westercon right without a t-shirt for the Tonopah in 2012 Westercon Bid.

Kuma shows off the Tonopah Bid Shirt )

To become a Friend of the Bid and order your Tonopah T-Shirt, send $50 to our bid:

Tonopah in 2012
c/o Tsuki Systems LLC
PO Box 100
Mehama OR 97384-0100

...and be sure to specify your t-shirt size. Shirts are black with the bid image as shown in the photo above. Make checks payable to the bid's treasurer, Kevin Standlee. If you want to pay online, write to him through his LJ account, [livejournal.com profile] kevin_standlee. You can either send him a private message in LJ or use his LJ handle @livejournal.com.

We can either mail your t-shirt to you, or you can pick it up at our bid table at Westercon 63 in Pasadena. Let us know what you would prefer.

Remember, if you can't think of anyplace better, Vote Tonopah!
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Kuma Bear understands there has been questions on how far the
main hotel (The Ramada Tonopah Station) is from the the other
various con facilities and attractions.
As Kuma Bear mostly rides form place to place it is hard
to give a good account. (A long walk for bear is from the
kitchen to the bedroom-see Kitchen Bear)
Kuma Bear suggests a questions of this sort be handled by
Kevins, as he knows so much about theses sort of things.

Prices to buy Con (Tonopah Westercon Bid) Merchandise
will be announced soon.
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Norwescon: an empty fan table opened up, and Kuma Bear took advantage to set up an info table for the Tonopah Westercon bid:

Bid Bear at Work )

It has been a busy convention for Kuma Bear, as he has worked hard at the convention. The Tonopah bid provided free memberships as prizes at Match Game SF (and gave away three of them). Kuma Bear's hard work also led to the bid selling its first paid pre-supporting membership.

Kuma Bear is looking for more support, and thanks everyone for coming to talk with him.
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Kuma Bear is pleased and proud to announce officially...

Ta-Dah! )


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